4 Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should Avoid

black hat seo
black hat seo
black hat seo
black hat seo

Here we are discussing 4 Black Hat SEO Techniques you should avoid on page optimization. All SEO are try to use perfect SEO formula for their perfect page optimization. This is a big mistake, why because Google does not want a hundred percent optimized page. They want a appropriate content. I am not going to give a descusion about what many SEO are already known. You have to by some means make your SEO wrong way. Yes imperfection is the true beauty of SEO.

1.Black Hat SEO Techniques In Alt Tags :

Black hat SEO in your title and H header have the accurate the same words and the most of your inbound and outbound links have the same anchor tets. You are looking very cautious enough to not ranking well Google is quite “SEO-phobic”. Even if you place the same word in various combinations in your alt tag three times. You would instantly fall. For example if you place word ‘bookstore’, ‘Online bookstore’. ‘and bookstore sale’ in 3 different images all tags. Then you have to see the immediate fall in competitive keywords in your next Google page cache Why because “bookstore” came in view three times To make less the risk of ‘appropriate SEO ‘ you have to mix the things up little bit and do thing ‘wrongly’ or intentionally. Apparently you do not want to have more than 30 percent of your inbound links have the exact anchor texts. When you already have most of your inbound links with the same text you have to build more links with various anchor texts and descriptions to mix the “perfection”
Black SEO in Link text:

2.Black Hat SEO Techniques  in Link Text:

There are also black hat SEO poison words in your link text in your on-page link text example ‘add url’, ‘liks’, ‘ link partners’. These would point out of low quality content or spam related. The search engines are more likely de-weight it.

3.Black Hat SEO Techniques  in Title:

Another example of black hat SEO is anyhow in my view it is obvious that people place the same word three times or more title. It is not correct, not for title not description, not the bold text. Eg; ‘SEO Company’, ‘SEO Service’, ‘EO Articles’ in title. You have still see this type of repeated words in search results, that is why those are strong back inks.. These kind of sites have already been de-weight by Google. If you have the keyword repeat more than three times you are sending Google a message.. The perfect way is 2 times with different form that is ‘Online Bookstores in Bookstore Outlet’ this if correct, why because there is a singular and a plural version.

4.Do not submit your new website in search engines:

Have you submitted your new website in Google, Yahoo and other search engines? You would not submit. Not that it is bad, just it is not worth. As Google clearly saying in its official page that the new website submissions would wait up jjto six weeks to be indexed. Your website would rank well after six weeks. You have a lot of work regarding optimization needed to do after that. Some sites even do not link to no page rank sites. If your site not indexed your do not get PageRank. Then your site do not get links from these sites. Because of this as soon as you brought a new domain you have to build some content into your website, after that your site will get indexed as early possible.

So you have to avoid the above mentioned 4 “Black Hat SEO” Techniques and do optimize your website in a right way.


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